The Apple Cider Vinegar is widely known for its amazing benefits throughout the years, but with these gummies, you will enjoy a collection of superfoods, vitamins, and many other supplements to enhance your health and improve your body, mind, and overall mood.


Inside the gummy

Thanks to the technological advances and scientific studies, now you can enjoy the many benefits from the ancient Apple Cider Vinegar without the acidic taste that characterizes it.

Additionally, these gummies possess another great ingredient with plentiful health side benefits that will help you to enhance your immune system, detox your body, lose weight, and restore your natural skin glow.

Make these delicious gummies as part of your daily care routine by taking two or three gummies a day, and enjoy the power of these superfoods, vitamins, and ingredients:


This popular superfood also is known as beets, is a root vegetable packed with essential vitamins, minerals that offers a lot of medicinal properties.

By including beets into your diet you can enjoy lowering down the risk of suffering from heart disease, heart failures, and strokes by just controlling your blood pressure levels. With beets, you can achieve this in only a few hours (1).

Furthermore, keep your fitness routine on track with beets help. By adding beetroots to your daily care routine you will decrease exhaustion from workouts and enhance your athletic performance (2).

Digestive health and brain health are other health side benefits from adding beets to your lifestyle. You can improve your digestion, increase your friendly gut bacteria, and decrease constipation with the help of beetroots (3).  Beets can also improve mental and cognitive function by increasing and improving the blood flow to your brain, thus decreasing the risk of suffering from dementia (4)


The incredibly delicious fruit of pomegranate offers more than 100 phytochemicals that translate into antioxidant benefits, cancer prevention, brain protection, decrease the risk of suffering from heart disease, blood pressure, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease (5).

The polyphenols that made the pomegranates ’vibrant red make them high in antioxidants which helps you to protect your cells from radical’s damage, inflammation, and aging, as well as regaining your skin glow and preventing joint pain and inflammation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The ACV is a product obtained by processing apples. The fermentation of its juice converts to Apple Cider Vinegar which is rich in plenty of vitamins and minerals that aids your overall health, mood, and performance.

The “mother” which is another advantage of processing apples is also put inside the gummies so you can also enjoy the strands of proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria that will help you to enhance your immune system, lose weight, reduce sizes in trouble areas, manage your diabetes and many other health side benefits.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is the key for you to stay focus and alert since it helps you to process the food you eat to transform it into energy. It also helps to prevent anemia as well as keeping blood cells healthy. (6)

By taking vitamin B12 you help your body to produce red blood cells, protecting its formation and preventing any malformation (7). This vitamin is also crucial to enjoying a healthy pregnancy helping the mother to develop the fetus’ brain and nervous system properly.

Vitamin B12 is also responsible to enhance bone health and prevent osteoporosis by keeping mineral density levels normal. Moreover, this vitamin also improves your overall mood by helping in the process of synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin, thus preventing depression symptoms or even aiding to control them.

Besides, Vitamin B12 helps elders to prevent memory loss and slow mental declined when combined with omega 3 fatty acids. Its deficiency can cause many memory issues which is why its to ingest can enhance your memory performance. 

Citric Acid

This acid commonly found on citric fruits and vegetables possess several uses, like help you to brighten your skin, minimize age signals like fine wrinkles and lines, as well as correcting dark spots (8).

Citric acid is also used to kill harmful bacteria in your skin, help you to prevent the formation of kidney stones, and decrease the amount of acid in your urine (9).

Ingredients main list

The full list of ingredients includes:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar,
  2. Beetroot,
  3. Vitamin B12,
  4. Pomegranate,
  5. Cane Sugar,
  6. Tapioca Syrup,
  7. Sodium Citrate,
  8. Carrot,
  9. Water,
  10. Pectin,
  11. Malic Acid,
  12. Apple,
  13. Citric Acid,
  14. Natural Apple Flavors,
  15. Blackcurrant (for color and flavor)

We are an environmentally friendly company and we want our product to be consumed by anyone, which is the main reason why we worry about making quality products with the best ingredients, we have a very careful production chain that avoids using these allergen and harmful products: yeast, milk, agave, wheat, dairy, gelatin, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, shellfish, artificial sweeteners, colors from artificial sources, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or salicylates.

Our gummies are homemade in the US with plenty of ingredients from around the globe. Its delicious taste was carefully tested and selected to achieve the demands of the palates of our consumers, and it is achieved by mixing the perfect amount of all the ingredients from our recipe with a hint of carrot, and blackcurrant. The gummies also fulfill the highest standards of quality and are made with just non-GMO ingredients. They have no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

We also recommend taking two or three of them to enjoy the many benefits these super ingredients can bring to your overall health.